Common Areas

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval is responsible for maintenance of common areas. It is done according to a calendar and a schedule established by the Laval Municipal Housing Office which cannot be changed without notice. In general, the housekeeping of common areas includes:

  • The passage of the vacuum cleaner;
  • Washing floors;
  • Replacement of burnt or damaged bulbs;
  • Cleaning of public bathrooms, elevators, rooms community rooms, laundry rooms, etc .;
  • Cleaning of walls and doors (if necessary);
  • Cleaning of outdoor common areas;
  • Etc.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of common areas but especially for safety and regulatory reasons, it is forbidden to encumber stair landings and corridors with carpets, plants, bicycles, shoes and boots. The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval will remove the items without notice and will dispose of them after 10 business days if they have not been claimed. The collaboration of tenants and their visitors is also requested in order to keep the interior and exterior common areas clean: garbage collection and accidental damage cleaning, etc.

Contact the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval for any problem relating to the housekeeping of all common areas.


Waste Management

All waste should be placed in plastic bags or closed containers before being placed in the places provided for this purpose by the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval. No bottles or glass containers should be thrown into waste chutes. These must be deposited at the designated places.


Recycling Management

All of the following recyclable materials should be dropped off at designated places:

  • Paper;
  • Cardboard;
  • Plastic;
  • Glass;
  • Cans or aluminum foil;
  • Tin cans and lids.

The following non-recyclable materials cannot be deposited in the recycling bins and should be treated as waste:

• Category 6 plastic styrofoam.

For more information, please visit the Ville de Laval


Keys and Locks

Handing over the keys to new tenants

Due to the amount of work to be done and the number of apartments to be prepared each month, the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval cannot undertake to hand over the keys before the last working day preceding the start of your lease. However, if your home is ready before this date, Customer Service will contact you to schedule a meeting to collect your keys. However, the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval asks not to call to find out which date your accommodation will be ready. Wait for Customer Service to call you.

Note that for your safety, the lock of your new accommodation has been replaced at the former tenant’s departure. All the keys you will receive are reproducible at a locksmith. It is therefore up to the tenant to make copies of their keys.

In case of loss of keys

Contact the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval at 450 688-0184 report the loss of your keys. Maintenance staff will then communicate with you to replace your locks or to make a copy of your keys, according to your decision. Whatever your decision, you will have to pay the fees established according to the tariffs in force. If you change or add a lock to the door of your accommodation, you must send a copy of your key to the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval.

In case of change or addition, by failing to provide us with a copy of your key and if we cannot access your accommodation in the event of EMERGENCY (water damage, fire, rescue in case of illness, etc.), we might have to break down your door and you will be billed for repairs.

Return of keys during a move or transfer

At the end of your lease, you must return your keys to the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval. An agreement can be made with Customer Service to return the keys on another date. Upon delivery of your keys, a representative of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval will ask you to sign a form authorizing us to dispose of the goods and effects left in your accommodation and clearing the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval of all responsibilities for the disposal of said goods.


Snow Removal

During a snowfall or a storm, snow removal is carried out according to certain criteria, depending on the amount of snow and / or the duration of the fall. The time and frequencies for the intervention of the snow plow depend on the intensity of the fall. For the duration of a storm and as long as the snow falls, only the central aisles, entrances and exits parking lots as well as the exterior exits of the buildings will be cleared of snow. Sidewalks will be cleared of snow periodically during the fall of snow.



The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval takes the presence cockroaches, bedbugs or vermin (rats, mice) in your housing or in the property very seriously! The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval makes sure to deliver vermin-free and in good sanitary condition accommodation to the new tenant. In order to prevent the proliferation of insects and vermin, report their presence immediately by contacting the Technical Services at 450 688-0184.

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval will take charge of the situation and will send a certified exterminator at their expense. Please note, however, that the success of all types of interventions depends on collaboration tenants. To this end, the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval will see to send you the information and preparation instructions relating to the responsibility of the tenant.



The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval asks you to act preventively to counter the presence of harmful insects and vermin:

  • Do not solve the problem on your own;
  • Do not use insecticides sold in stores;
  • Do not recover used clothes, second-hand furniture and / or avoid buying them;
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter in all time;
  • Store your food in closed and airtight containers.


Common Areas

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval is responsible for repairing common areas. However, if you see a problem in the common areas of your building, do not hesitate to contact the technical and development services.


Non-urgent Repairs

Responsibility of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval

Prior to your arrival, the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval carried out the repair of your accommodation in order to deliver it to you in excellent condition. The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval is responsible for the following non-urgent repairs:

  • A defective plumbing element such as: valves, piping, leaking tank or toilet;
  • A defective lock due to wear of the mechanism;
  • An unadjusted door or window that does not open or close adequately;
  • A torn or frayed mosquito net due to its age;
  • Etc.

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval also undertakes to carry out all repairs due to normal wear and tear of the components. For requests for non-urgent repairs, the tenant must dial 450 688-0184.

Responsibility of the tenant

The tenant, for his part, must make sure to preserve his accommodation and components in good condition. He must make sure that his way of life does not cause any degradation of the premises or its components. In other words, the tenant must perform regular and adequate housekeeping in order to remove all traces of water that could generate mold. Also, the tenant must take care of normal and regular maintenance. As example but in a non-exhaustive way, the tenant is responsible for following repairs:

  • Replace burnt out or damaged bulbs;
  • Unclog toilet, sink, bath or washbasin;
  • Etc.

Any repairs that fall within the scope of abuse, negligence, malicious intent, loss or forgetfulness on the part of the tenant will be carried out at the expense of the latter. By way of example, but not exhaustively, the following repairs will be billed to the tenant:

  • A broken, pierced or smashed mosquito net due to inappropriate use;
  • A broken or lost lock or key;
  • A smashed door, wall, floor or ceiling damaged by water or other;
  • The unblocking of a plumbing device as mentioned above.

For service requests regarding such situations, the related charges will be billed to the tenant based on the scope of the work.


Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs are situations that present a potential risk for injury or compromising the integrity of a component of the building such as:

  • Alarm problem;
  • Electrical disturbance;
  • Water infiltration or damage;
  • No heating;
  • Defective front door;
  • Etc.

In such cases, regardless of the time of day or night, the tenant must dial 450 688-0184. An agent will take the call and the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval will send a maintenance worker to remedy the situation. The tenant must take all measures necessary to limit the damage. Among other things, during water damage, the tenant must have receptacles in places where water flows and attempt collect as much water as possible from the floors while waiting for the arrival of the maintenance worker. All repairs that are misused, negligence, malice, loss or forgetfulness on the part ofthe tenant will be made at the expense of the latter according to the pricing in force.

For any situation endangering the physical safety of people (fire, gas leak, medical emergency), dial 911.


Turnaround Time

All situations that require urgent repair or intervention are dealt with as soon as possible to ensure the safety of tenants and to preserve the integrity of the building. Repairs that are not considered urgent will be dealt with according to the priorities and according to an intervention schedule which will take into consideration the number of requests and / or the availability of materials and personnel. It is therefore unnecessary to call the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval for the same request within ten (10) days of the initial request unless the situation has degenerate and that the safety of tenants and / or the integrity of the building be at risk.

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