Tenant Associations

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval promotes the creation of tenant associations in low-rental housing buildings (HLM) and the creation of recreation committees in the buildings of the AccèsLogis program. The role of tenants' associations is defined by the Fédération des locataires d’habitations à loyer modique du Québec

  • See to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of tenants;
  • Represent and defend the interests and rights of tenants;
  • Encourage the participation and support of tenants in the management of low-rental housing;
  • Offer mutual aid, educational, cultural and social recreational services;
  • Elect or appoint tenant representatives to the Residents' Advisory Committee, however, each association is free to choose its objectives and activities.

Our community services team provides support and training to the dozen or so active association boards. We help them to structure themselves and we support their democratic functioning.

In low-rental housing buildings (HLM), the Société d’habitation du Québec authorizes the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval to grant tenant associations an annual operating budget of $28 per dwelling. In return, the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval requires tenant associations to hold an annual general meeting and submit financial statements and annual activity reports.

If you would like to set up a tenant association in one of the buildings or real estate complexes of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval, please contact community services at 450 688-0184 ext. 132.

Residents’ Advisory Committee

The Residents' Advisory Committee is made up of 2 representatives from each of the tenants' associations as well as of the two tenants' representatives sitting on the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval. The mandate of the Residents Advisory Committee is to:

  • Study policies affecting all tenants;
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval;
  • Encourage the participation of tenants and community life.

The Residents' Advisory Committee meets three or four times a year to fulfill the mandate entrusted to it.

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Community workers

Seniors Buildings

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval, community workers, partner organizations and tenant associations are working together to improve the quality of life of senior residents.

Community workers in the buildings for the elderly of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval are employed by the Comité d’animation du troisième âge de Laval

The reassuring presence of a community worker in seniors' buildings plays an important role in the lives of tenants and in the community spirit:

  • Listen;
  • Help with problem solving;
  • Support in various procedures;
  • Reference to local organizations;
  • Encouragement to participate in community life;
  • Etc.

For contact information for community workers, contact community services at 450 688-0184 ext. 137

Habitations Val-Martin and Pie-X

Since the summer of 2021, the Habitations Val-Martin and Pie-X sectors can count on the reassuring presence of two community workers. This project is funded by the city of Laval as part of the Entente sectorielle pour la mise en œuvre de la Politique régionale de développement social de Laval 2019-2022 incluant la fondation Lucie et André Chagnon.

The community workers mandate consists in:

  • Mobilize and support tenants in the formation of a tenants association;
  • Collaborate and assist the association of tenants in its operation;
  • Set up activities and services with and for residents;
  • Support tenants in their life projects (identification, referral to local organizations, civic support, etc.);
  • Participate, with local organizations, in the development, implementation and operation of projects aimed at meeting the needs of tenants and improving their living environment;
  • Represent the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval before the various committees and consultation places;
  • Mobilize and support tenants in their participation in various committees for the realization of activities and projects;
  • Contribute to the establishment of means of communication for tenants on social and community life;
  • Collaborate with the various services of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval to find solutions for problematic situations (eg conflict management, congestion situations, disasters, etc.);
  • Etc.

You can contact the community workers in this sector at 450 688-0184 extensions 157 and 158.


Community Projects

Familles en mouvement (FEM)

Launched in 1998 at Place St-Martin (352 housing units for families), "Familles en mouvement" is a community project that allows the hiring of two community workers and two facilitators. These four resources work in collaboration with the Place St-Martin tenants' association and local organizations to find answers to the various needs of tenants at the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval This sector is rich in terms of cultural diversity and mutual aid!

Familles en mouvement offers activities such as:

  • Accompaniment in life projects and support for tenants: moral support, help in filling out forms, referral to local organizations, etc;
  • Group animation for young people aged 6 to 15: coffee meetings, sewing lessons, parenting skills groups, seasonal programming, outdoor family outings and food assistance;
  • Help with conflict solving;
  • Etc.

Familles en mouvement is an essential complement to all the services offered in the community and many projects are carried out in partnership with organizations in the sector.

To find out about the various activities of Familles en mouvement, contact the community workers responsible for the initiative at 450 688-0184 extensions 110 and 125.

Community gardens

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval encourages the realization of concerted community projects, such as the creation of community gardens

Manoir du Sablon

A community garden was created in this area thanks to the financial participation of the Regroupement des offices d’habitation du Québec (ROHQ) as part of its program Initiatives de développement durable, d’entraide et de mobilisation and of Enfants d’abord.

Place St-Martin

Thanks to a subsidy from the Société d'habitation du Québec as part of its Soutien aux projets structurants pour les personnes vivant en logement social program the place St-Martin’s Comité embellissement and tenants in this area were able to participate in the creation of a mosaic and the construction of a small house for children.


Other involvements in the community

The Office municipal d’habitation de Laval, in addition to working closely with many community organizations in the area, sits on several consultation tables in Laval :

  • Comité de travail de Place St-Martin (CTPSM) et ses sous-comités de travail, en collaboration avec la RUI Place-St-Martin-Domaine Renaud;
  • Comité Municipalité amie des aînés (MADA);
  • Comité de développement local de Chomedey (CDLC) ;
  • Comités de suivi du projet d’intervention communautaire des Habitations Val-Martin ;
  • Table des gestionnaires sociocommunautaires (OMH);
  • Comité de suivi des différents projets du Groupe Promo-Santé Laval (« Cuisinons entre aînés », « 1,2,3 Santé! » et « Initiative communauté active ») ;
  • Comité de suivi du projet « Entourâge » du CISSSL ;
  • Comité de concertation contre la maltraitance liée au vieillissement à Laval (CCMVL).

L'Élan Newsletter

The L’Élan newsletter is intended for residents of the Office municipal d'habitation de Laval’s apartments and informs them on various general subjects and the latest news relating to their living environments:

  • Social activities;
  • Renovations and repairs in progress or to come;
  • Work and presence of our employees in the field;
  • Participation in contests and draws;
  • Etc.

Published quarterly, L’Élan newsletter is distributed door to door by the employees of the Office municipal d’habitation de Laval. To contribute to the writing of L’Élannewsletter, to suggest topics for discussion or to share comments on the content, write to

Consult the publications of L’Élan newsletter (in French):


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